Dr Fab Mancini Panel FCA National

Getting Inspired with Dr. Fab Mancini

Dr Fab Mancini Wow – what a presentation! How to Turn Adversity into Opportunity, an intimate seminar held by Dr. Fab Mancini, focused on service as a main principal of everyday life. Appreciation for others and what they do for you, and also how you can return the favor to others (including patients, family, friends) can turn your business into less of a “survival mode” plan and into a profitable lifestyle.

“Develop a Compassion to Serve, that is Greater than your Compulsion to Survive.” – Dr. James W. Parker, Dr. Fab Mancini’s mentor.

Thinking of the needs of other people, especially your patients, will help shape your practice. By taking care of yourself first, you are able to provide better services to your community. This mindset will help solidify your place in your community and elevate you above your competition. Instead of being stressed out about competition and adversity, focusing on being the best version of yourself and delivering world-class services will create endless opportunity. Thank you Dr. Fab for leading such a wonderful seminar!

Don’t forget – if you want a chance to meet Dr. Fab in person, stop by the MeyerDC booth #917 starting at noon. We’re giving away 100 FREE copies of his latest book, The Power of Self-Healing, to show attendees. Dr. Fab will be in the MeyerDC booth to sign copies, say hi and talk to you about the power of chiropractic and how you can empower your practice. Plan on visiting our booth after his Saturday morning panel.

If you’re not at this weekend’s show, we have a special chance for you to benefit from the insight and guidance of Dr. Fab Mancini. Sign up for a free webinar, “How to Get New Patients with Little Effort,” Tuesday, September 6th, 1-2 p.m. CST. It’s hosted by MeyerDC and will feature an online presentation lead by Dr. Fab on how you can try three easy steps to grow your patient base. Make sure to mark your calendar now!

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