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Go Inside MeyerDC’s First-Ever Recovery Lounge Event

Did you attend our first-ever Recovery Lounge event at The National FCA? We hosted a room full of the latest cutting-edge recovery and pain relief technologies that chiropractors and sports medicine professionals had hands-on access to, including whole body cryotherapy provided by M-Cryo cryosaunas. In between networking with vendors and other attendees, enjoying complementary drinks and hors d’oeuvres and getting personal treatments from cold therapy lasers, dynamic compression sleeves, assisted soft tissue mobilization and more. Thanks to all of our vendors for helping make the night a success – we’re looking forward to future events and showcases together. If you missed the event, read below and find out more about the innovative recovery technologies your practice needs to utilize, no matter what patient demographic you serve. MeyerDC is a partner to all products, softwares and educations listed – so let us help you get exactly what you need, whether it’s a quote, more information or an exclusive demo.

MCryo Cryosauna Cryotherapy Sports Medicine Treatments

M-Cryo Cryotherapy Saunas

Shockingly cold (-200 to -240 F) nitrogen gases are blasted for 1-2 minutes per treatment session. 

M-Cryo cryosaunas deliver low, low temperatures that increase the body’s natural healing systems by increasing blood flow speeds post-treatment. Used for recovery by a wide variety of patients, including elite athletes  and those affected by chronic illness, virtually all of your patients can benefit from regular cryotherapy treatments. Cryosaunas are popular with those who travel often, are interested in looking and feeling younger, as well as those with weight management goals. The return on investment and general maintenance and operation of a cryosauna make it an attractive addition for your practice, especially if your local competition doesn’t offer anything similar. If you think M-Cryo could be beneficial to your practice, reach out to our Capital Equipment team and we’ll provide more details, business plans, financing for those who qualify and more.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy Fields Pulsed Energy Technologies

Pulsed Energy Technologies

Targeted electromagnetic waves enter the tissue to supercharge healing at the cellular level. 


There’s no feeling quite like the electromagnetic waves emanated from a Pulsed Energy Technologies PER2000 machine – you feel them instantaneously once the machine kicks into gear. The thumping feeling as waves enter your skin dive right into the affected target area and begin repairing past or current injuries, including tissue or muscle dysfunctions. Pulsed Energy Technologies PER2000Delivering high-frequency magnetic waves, the PER2000 helps repair damage at the cellular level. These innovative machines are popular with pro sports, including basketball, football and baseball, because of the superior results and ease of use. MeyerDC and Pulsed Energy can set you up with a demo unit for your office, so contact us about how to try out the PER2000 now.

NormaTec Compression Boots Dynamic Pneumatic Compression for Faster Recovery

NormaTec Recovery Systems

Dynamic pneumatic compression sleeves squeeze the extremities to rid muscle tissue of waste for faster recovery.

NormaTec Recovery boots, hips and arm sleeves assist with fast, easy recovery by using pneumatic air compression to flush toxins out of sore, tired muscles. The sequential zone pressures automatically inflate different parts of the sleeve during a 10-minute treatment, controlling the flow and direction of wastes out of tissue and into the body’s blood stream.Normatec_CTA

The massage-like quality of these sleeves can complement your adjustments by providing a quick, rigorous massage treatment without needing an additional pair of hands. Plus, the sleeves are highly portable and can be used easily in the field, the anti-gravity chair is not necessary to a treatment but just increases effectiveness and comfort during use. Post-op and ultra-marathoners both turn to the sleeves to get rid of the heavy, tired muscular soreness that follows extreme physical exertion. There’s a very real reason that NormaTec’s tagline is “fresh legs, faster” – try the boots for yourself and feel the difference.

LightForce Cold Therapy Laser

LightForce Cold Therapy Lasers

Stimulating the shoulder with 15 watts of power during an on-site cold laser therapy treatment. 

Reminiscent of childhood lasers and light sabers, the LightForce Cold Laser Therapy System combines effective therapy, easy user interfaces and cool details in one package that’s ideal for chiropractic treatment. These lasers breaks up scar tissue and improves patient range of motion while delivering pain relief, and LightForce Lasers boast superior power and wattage compared to others. These Class IV lasers penetrate deep into tissue layers to correct adhesions and past injuries. With simple operational protocols and a user-friendly interface, these cold lasers provide impactful doses that improve patient outcomes alongside your manual care. You can bundle laser therapy treatments in packages and use with patients as an additional revenue stream. MeyerDC is an official distributor of LightForce Lasers and can get you a quote on everything you need to add laser therapy into your practice – including an exclusive Class III laser buyback program. Our Capital Equipment team has all of the details you need.

Quell Wearable Tens Unit Low Profile Patient Pain Relief

Quell Wearable Intensive Nerve Stimulation

Sleek, low-profile intensive nerve stimulation units that increase patient compliance to your at-home protocols.

How compliant would your patients become with an easy-to-use, non-disruptive TENS protocol? Quell, a new product in the healthcare industry, is a wearable TENS unit that’s slim and fastens easily to a patient’s calf. It delivers a full day’s worth of pain relief and requires no traditional lead wires or electrodes.Quell_CTA

Chiropractors got a chance to wear a unit and see how it felt while walking, sitting and generally enjoying the event. They didn’t disrupt with conversation or other merriment – that’s how quietly effective the Quell unit is. Your patients and practice income can both drastically benefit from this new technology and resalable package.

Cervifit Neck Strengthening Device Concussion Prevention

CerviFit Neck Strengthening System

As the rate of concussions rise in the sports world, the need to care for patient neck strength post-concussion is immense. 

In today’s sports-driven world, many of your patients or their children are exposed to concussions or other injuries that impact neck pain and strength. The CerviFit is a neck strengthening trainer that can loaded with different weight plates to meet the strength and flexibility needs of each patient. This can be an in-office and at-home tool that you retail in your practice. The face plate is simple to adjust and comfortably cradles the chin and forehead so there’s no distraction while patients work through simple exercises. It’s the perfect compliance tool that parents can use with their children and feel comfortable doing so in their homes. You’ll even want one on hand in your office to perform neck strength tests and demonstrate immobility weaknesses.

Medical Wave Pressure Wave Technology to Regenerate Movement and Healing

 Medical Wave

A range of application heads that can be used with the Medical Wave to deliver powerful relief. 

All patients want to accelerate the healing process, and the Medical Wave pressure wave technology tool can assist with your care by helping patients recover faster. Healing occurs when the device stimulates the metabolism and blood flow which in turn accelerates the tissue regeneration process. To suit your patients’ needs and area of treatment, the Medical Wave D-ACTOR has multiple treatment heads (pictured) that can provide pinpoint accuracy while treating dysfunctions. Now you can better customize patient treatments according to specific areas of pain and damage – there’s no one-size-fits-all model with Medical Wave.

RockTape Kinesiology Tape RockBlades IASTM Tools


The leaders in movement – their kinesiology tape is worn across all performance arenas, including CrossFit, prenatal, equine and veterinary. 

Athletes are not the only patients looking for increased endurance – if you’re not using RockTape kinesiology tape in your practice today, you should think about using CEU opportunities to become FMT certified with the RocDoc team. Besides explaining the numerous health and movement-related benefits the kinesiology tape can provide virtually every patient demographic, RockTape was on hand at the Recovery Lounge to apply kinesiology tape to attendees and preview the latest application of their popular RockSauce and RockSauce Chill topical analgesics.

RockTape Kinesiology TapeSoon to be available in handheld roll-on sizes, RockSauce and RockSauce Chill work alongside RockTape to keep patients going stronger, longer. MeyerDC offers the entire RockTape line of mobility and taping products, including brand-new RockBlades.

Hyperice Raptor Soft Tissue Percussion Device


The Raptor Soft Tissue Percussion Device delivers up to 3600 percussions per minute for ultimate release.

For chiropractors and sports medicine professionals, the premium on getting a patient mobile and without pain is high. Especially if you’re treating athletic patients relying on their health and mobility for play. The HyperIce team recently released The Raptor and we demonstrated how easily it is to operate and adjust to fit tissue and muscular sensitivities.Hypersphere Vibrating Massage Ball for Muscle Recovery

The handheld Raptor is light and features a wide grip handle to help steer the device while performing a treatment. When you’re working with over 50 patients a day, maintaining strong hand strength is important for manual therapy. The Raptor can help by loosening tight tissue and fascia so you’re able to dive in with renewed hand strength – that’s what makes it a game changer.

Game Ready Cold Compression Wraps and Sleeves

Game Ready

Game Ready cold compression systems combine ice-cold water and dynamic compression to restore healing.

Utilizing unique ACCEL technology (Active Compression and Cold Exchange Loop), the Game Ready unit and wraps work together to restore movement by flushing out muscle waste and other inhibitors post-injury or surgery. Though not as cold as the cryosauna, Game Ready’s wraps deliver enough cold water to effectively reduce swelling while also flushing tissues of any lingering waste products that inhibit motion and recovery. The cold component of each treatment soothes pain relief while the wrap compresses to speed up the healing process. It provides immediate feedback too – as soon as the system is turned on, your patients can feel the treatment deliver comprehensive relief. Choose from a number of body part-specific wraps to meet the needs of your patient population or injury specialty.

Graston Technique Instruments and Soft Tissue Mobilization Certification

Graston Technique

The 6-piece instrument selection by Graston Technique, leader of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. 

Breaking down adhesions, scar tissue and addressing underlying muscle dysfunctions – Graston Technique instruments and special clinical training and education can help you become a highly-skilled and sought after practitioner in your community. At our Recovery Lounge, certified Graston Technique clinicians demonstrated a number of instrument techniques and spoke about the value of their education. If you’re interested in diversifying your treatment skills and increasing your value, work with us to get certified in M1 and M2, as well as the instruments, emollients and accessories you need to successfully practice.

Webexercises Movement Assessment

WebExercises Patient Exercise Software

The WebExercises team was on hand to run postural screenings and demos during the Recovery Lounge event. 

Patient compliance for an at-home rehab plan is always a challenge – it’s difficult to instruct patients in exercise technique or answer questions without proper demonstration. WebExercises is a software and online platform that houses hundreds of unique video demonstrations that can be utilized and paired together to create an entire rehab program for an individual patient. Best of all, as you set up the program, you’re documenting your own treatments and being compliant to billing and proof of care needs. For a limited time, MeyerDC and WebExercises are offering new registrants a discount on the platform – reach out to your rep to find out more information and get signed up.

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