What Makes Nordic Naturals Different Than Competition

What Makes Nordic Naturals Different Than The Competition

If you’ve retailed supplements to your patients, or even if you’ve just done research on the various supplement brands available in our industry, it’s a good bet that you’ve run into Nordic Naturals at some point. There’s a good reason for that – they are, without a doubt, one of the most trusted, respected, and established supplement brands in the industry; that’s not just the Chiropractic supplement industry – that’s to say the entire global, multi-billion dollar supplement industry. In an industry seemingly changing daily with new brand names, gimmicks and trends, Nordic Naturals has managed to remain top-tier, widely respected by doctors, patients and retail consumers almost across the board.

Furthermore, if you’re familiar with Nordic, you probably associate them with Fish Oils and other Omega-3 products. Again, you would not be mistaken – they are without a doubt the industry leader (again, that’s referring to the entire industry) in top-shelf fish oils and related products. Why is that important, you ask? Fish oils and other Omega’s are fairly easy to find at any corner pharmacy or vitamin store. Furthermore, you can typically find them at a fairly inexpensive rate. But, as with anything else, the devil is in the details; how these products are sourced, cleaned, processed and encapsulated makes all the difference in the world. For instance, many companies source their fish body oils from farm-raised fish. That might not sound so bad, but a little-known fact about fish oil is that if the fish are not wild-caught, they are not forced to swim up-stream; if they are not forced to swim up-stream, the EPA and DHA yields (the bioavailable components of Omega-3 that do all the heavy lifting in the body), will be far less bioavailable than if the same fish were wild-caught.

Supplementing with Omega-3 is critical – even practitioners that don’t want anything to do with nutrition will tell you that a solid Omega-3 is a foundational part of basic nutritional maintenance…it’s that important. In the typical American diet, there tends to be an excess of Omega-6, without adequate Omega-3 to balance it out. One of our biological drivers (a holdover from our hunter-gatherer phase in human development) is to seek out and consume as much Omega-6 as possible due to its scarcity in nature. Unfortunately, technology and progress have allowed us to produce Omega-6 to our hearts’ content (although not necessarily our hearts’ health), leading to an inclement ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3. This is a causal and/or contributory factor in such health issues as inflammation, cardiovascular health, cognitive health, prostate health, healthy musculoskeletal function and countless others.

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The fact that Nordic’s support function indexing system is so well-annotated and easy to follow has, without a doubt, played a huge role in their success; their easy-to-follow reference sheet lists target support functions include Maintenance (daily use), Targeted (pre/post-natal), Condition-Specific (Joint/Memory), High-Intensity (Acute/Loading doses), Multivitamins, and Pediatric Support, covering a broad field with a relatively small footprint in the number of products they offer (meaning inventory management is easier to manage, and their products are more targeted).

There is also more to Nordic than might be immediately obvious (such as their dominance in the Fish Oil/Omega-3 market). There are a number of underserved segments of the Chiropractic supplement industry, and one of the largest is pediatric support. Finding good-tasting, clean and effective kid’s supplements is almost like looking for Bigfoot – you might luck out, but unless you know exactly where to look, you’re likely to come up empty-handed. Nordic Naturals has some of the best-selling, best-tasting, and cleanest pediatric support products on the market. Using the words “clean” and “gummy” in the same sentence in the supplement business are not easy, but you can be confident that offering these products to your pediatric patients allows you to provide great-tasting supplements that don’t compromise on quality.


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