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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy & Therapeutic Treatments for Patients

What pain management and rehabilitation treatment protocols are you currently following in your practice?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy Machine Pulsed EnergyUsing Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), you can transform your practice’s offerings and be the total-body pain relief and healing solutions your patients need! 

If you’re a sports chiropractor, you know there’s a high premium on getting your patients better, faster. Whether you’re treating athletes at the pro, collegiate or high school level, injury rehabilitation and conditioning for prevention requires careful attention and specialized recovery equipment to better facilitate healing. Your mission is to get a player back on the field without risk of further injury.

If you’re a chiropractor whose focus is on long-term pain management for fibromyalgia, arthritis or general aging issues, then you know that providing comprehensive relief is one of the most important things your care can do. Unlike products that temporarily mask pain, you’re always searching for a true solution to constant pain. Your mission is to help a patient live life not intruded by or derailed by pain.

Have you researched any PEMF therapeutic treatment protocols? Your patients could benefit from one! 

If you haven’t yet considered Pulsed Energy, a unique Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) device, now’s the time to upgrade your treatment options and provide this specialized therapeutic solution.

Renewed Health 2Pulsed Energy provides the Replenisher 2000, an operating device that delivers a PEMF to the target area’s cells for more efficient recovery and pain relief outcomes. This non-invasive treatment not only gives your patients a more effective means for recovery, but also enhances your practice’s offerings and opens up an additional revenue stream.

Transform your practice’s offerings and be the total-body pain relief and healing solution your patients need!

PEMF therapy is highly researched and begins healing at the cellular level. Request more information or a FREE demonstration unit at MeyerDC – call your equipment rep and ask for details.

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