Dr Billy D Dead Chiropractic Society

Dr. Bill Demoss

Doctor of Chiropractic and Founder of the Dead Chiropractic Society & the California Jam Chiropractor's yearly event.

Known to his friends as Billy D, in 1996 he founded the Dead Chiropractic Society (DCS), one of the first monthly philosophy meetings, where local DCs and students could immerse themselves regularly in the philosophy, art and science of chiropractic. Inspired by music and driven by chiropractic, seven years ago Billy D decided he needed to share his vision with a larger audience and a mega line-up of speakers, and thus, California Jam, the chiropractic rock ‘n’ roll event was born.

Eight years on, Billy D continues to bring his unique vision to the world of chiropractic, which has seen Cal Jam morph into the fastest growing chiropractic event on the planet. Between putting on Cal Jam and speaking at chiropractic events around the country and abroad, Billy D continues to run one of the most successful practices in Orange County, CA and is known for his no-holds-barred approach to telling it as it is, particularly when it comes to promoting an inside-out approach to health and wellness. Want to stay up-to-date on Billy D’s thoughts and opinions throughout the year? Check out his blog to watch videos and read stories from Dr. Demoss.

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