Dr. Bill Moreau


Dr. Bill Moreau is a chiropractic sports medicine physician and evidence-based clinician. He currently serves as the Vice President of Sports Medicine, United States Olympic Committee (USOC), after more than 25 years of private practice. Moreau develops the USOC sports medicine strategy and oversees all Team USA sports medicine activities, including: clinics, games and the National Medical Network.

Dr. Moreau served as the Medical Director for Team USA at the London 2012 Summer and Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games. He is the first doctor of chiropractic in the world to serve as a Games Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for a National Olympic Committee. He was the Team USA CMO for the 2015 Toronto Pan American Games and for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games. Through these roles, he manages the implementation of medical care to thousands of athletes as provided by hundreds of healthcare providers.

Dr. Moreau advances the application of integrated, multiple disciplinary musculoskeletal care through Fortis Cura, a healthcare company dedicated to improving patient centered care through the utilization and development of evidence-based musculoskeletal care pathways.

He has been featured in USA Today, Time, ESPN, NPR, NBC, GE Healthcare News, the US Department of Health and Human Services, Army Strategic Studies Group and the Allegany Healthcare Summit. Dr. Moreau has a special interest in sports medicine research, and he serves on the NFL International Think Tank on Concussion Research.

Moreau has presented over 600 invited lectures throughout the United States and internationally.