Dr. Brian Capra

Founder, Genesis Chiropractic Software and Billing Network

In 2004 Dr. Brian Capra pioneered the use of cloud-based technology for chiropractic practices. After using several other practice management systems in high volume settings, he realized they were inadequate to simplify the management of a business that’s focused on the patient experience. He eventually discovered that the level of automation and sophistication he needed only existed in technology used by enterprise-level companies on Wall Street.

Working with developers from Princeton University and a top Wall Street firm, Dr. Capra developed the first enterprise level technology for small-practice business owners, specifically chiropractors. This new, patented technology and methodology – Genesis – was a paradigm shift compared to other practice management systems. Fundamentally Genesis remains the only cloud-based technology available to health care professionals that makes it possible to proactively manage the entire patient experience with a single number.

Today, Dr. Capra spends his time speaking to chiropractic audiences around the country, and perfecting the Genesis methodology. Driven by Dr. Capra’s passion for research, Genesis has embarked on several initiatives that will tap into its patient data repository for the purposes of proving the efficacy of chiropractic care as the best choice in health care for musculoskeletal conditions as well as overall quality of life and wellness.