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Dr. Ray Foxworth

Doctor of Chiropractic, President of ChiroHealthUSA

Dr. Ray Foxworth is the President of ChiroHealthUSA and is a certified Medical Compliance Specialist. He has served for over 20 years on the Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee and served 4 years as Staff Chiropractor for the G.V. Sonny Montgomery VA Medical Center. He is past president of ConservaCareCorp, a network selected by the State of Mississippi to serve over 195K State employees and teachers. It is his experience as a network founder and president and insurance liaison for many years that lead to the concept and formation of ChiroHealthUSA. He maintains his practice on NewSouth Professional Campus, which is home to a large multidisciplinary spine center offering services ranging from chiropractic to neurosurgery. He is “in the trenches” on a daily basis facing the same challenges with billing, coding and compliance issues just like many of you.

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