Dr Trent Nessler PT

Dr. Trent Nessler

MPT, DPT, Founder/Developer the Athletic Movement Index™ and Developer TheraBand CLX ACL Kit

Dr. Trent Nessler is the National Director for Sports Medicine for Physiotherapy Associates, founder/developer of the Athletic Movement Index™ and developer of the Theraband CLX ACL Kit.

Trent Nessler has been a physical therapist for 18 years and spent over 15 years treating high school, college and professional athletes. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology and a master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University. Driven by a passion to reduce non-contact ACL injuries in athletics, he pursued a Doctorate in Physical Therapy with a focus on biomechanics and motor learning.

Dr. Nessler has been researching and evaluating movement for over 15 years and spent the last 5 years working with various technologies to reliably assess and quantify human movement. During this time, Dr. Nessler has performed movement assessments on over 3000 athletes using both 2D and 3D technologies in the US and abroad. Dr. Nessler has been involved in multiple injury prevention projects with Division I athletes, professional athletics as well as several international projects in both military and Olympic athletes. He has authored a college textbook on this subject and serves as an injury consultant for the Brazilian Military, Brazilian Olympics, several US colleges and professional organizations.