Steve Frank

Master Herbalist

Mr. Frank started his career designing modern medical equipment for large corporations. He then transitioned into developing specialty experimental equipment for medical researchers. After many years of working with allopathic medicine, Mr. Frank found his way into herbal medicine. Years of studying with herbalists, physicians, chiropractors, and physical therapists has led Mr. Frank to the development of several products for the treatment of common physical injuries and maladies utilizing natural medical techniques. Drawing from thousands of years of traditional herbal remedies and hundreds of years of modern physiology and healing studies, he has synthesized some natural products that complement the directions and actions of the healing human body. These products address issues of sleep disturbance, injured tissue repair, infection control, and hormonal balance. Years of clinical studies, laboratory work, and treatment experience have demonstrated the utility of these products.

Mr. Frank has made these products available to empower everyone who seeks to regain and maintain health naturally.