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An encyclopedia of strength and conditioning methods, covering the best ways to build muscle, improve strength, develop athletic performance, and avoid injury.


S&C Research is an encyclopedia of strength and conditioning methods for enhancing athletic ability. Navigate through our website to learn what the research says about the optimal ways to build muscle, improve maximum strength, develop sprinting speed and muscular power, and even prevent injury. See our recently updated pages here:


Rate of force development



Muscle fiber type

Regional hypertrophy

Blood flow restriction training

Foam rolling

Functional Movement Screen


Gluteus maximus

Gluteus medius



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Every day, new studies are being published, revealing better training methods for speed, strength or size. They help clarify the best ways to recover from muscle soreness or rehabilitate from injury. But far too many articles are being published each day for you to find, download and read the full texts of every single one.

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