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The History of Silver Supplements

Why should you be recommending silver supplements? Watch the video below for more info . . .  The health benefits of silver have been widely studied for thousands of years, and the effectiveness of its contemporary use for immune support and topical healing applications has been significantly substantiated.*While the Ancients did not know the chemical and biological mechanisms of how …

Improving Patient’s Holiday Diet

The Super Greens Solution to Increase Your Patients’ Fruits & Veggies Intake Helping patients get their daily recommended five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables is a challenge for every healthcare professional. According to a 2009 survey, on average most adults only eat 1.6 servings a day, with children eating even less. Dr. Don Hayes, D.C., from Greens FIRST …

Dr. Donald L. Hayes

DC and President of Wellness Watchers Global, LLC, Ceautamed Worldwide, LLC &

The First Chiropractor: How Modern Chiropractic Began

Celebrating 125 Years of Chiropractic 2020 marks the 125th anniversary of chiropractic! Each month we’ll look at the many chiropractic products, innovations, and milestones throughout the decades. This month we start at the very beginning with the founding of chiropractic in 1895! The Founding of Chiropractic Modern chiropractic treatment was founded by Daniel David (D.D.) Palmer, who emigrated from Canada …

Rachel Ford

Content Writer, Health & Wellness Enthusiast

Upcoming Event: The Experiences of LIFE

LIFE VISION RAW / The Experiences of LIFE What’s powering your practice? Passion? Energy? A lasting purpose? The focus of LIFE Vision RAW is to inspire you to live your Lasting Purpose by learning To Give, To  Love, To Serve, and To Do out of a sense of abundance.  Our goal is to help you discover and live your “something,” …

Dr. Gilles Lamarche

DC, Vice President of Professional Relations Life University

A Case Study for Treating Chronic Achilles Tendinopathy

The patient was a 60-year old female who developed acute onset of pain related to Achilles (Calcaneal) tendinopathy on her right side.   She had a surgical repair of the left Achilles approximately 10 years ago, which was deemed successful, but necessitated a 6-month period of post-surgical rehabilitation with a complete arrest of all forms of physical activity.  She was asymptomatic …

Dr. John Dang


5 Natural Pain Relievers For You And Your Patients

There are a ton of superfoods to choose from when looking for ways to help your patients reduce chronic pain:  Ginger Turmeric White willow Valerian  These four top the lists of natural pain relievers, but you may be surprised to find Matcha can help ease away aches too. WHAT IS MATCHA? Matcha is a special type of green tea that …

The DC Aligned Team

The DC Aligned Team

Members of MeyerDC, a leading chiropractic distributor.

Add Your Practice Info on the WebMD Doctor Directory

 SPECIAL ALERT:  WebMD & F4CP Collaborate to Advance Chiropractic The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress and WebMD have worked together to enhance visibility for the chiropractic profession and your practice. Through our collaboration, you can now add your practice information into the WebMD Doctor Directory free of charge. WebMD’s monthly traffic reaches approximately 150 million visits, with their Doctor Directory receiving nearly …

Sherry McAllister

Dr. Sherry McAllister

DC, M.S. (Ed) CCSP, Executive Vice President for the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress

Integrated Physical Medicine at Employer-Sponsored Health Clinics Improves Quality of Care at Reduced Cost

Lord, Daniel J. DC, CCSP; Wright, John R. MSc; Fung, Rebecca DPT; Lederhaus, Eric S. DPT; Taylor, Katie PhD; Watts, Sharon A. MA; Hagg, Heather K. PhD; Bravata, Dena M. MD, MS Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine: May 2019, Volume 61, Issue 5, pp. 382-390 Objective: The aim of the study was to evaluate clinical and economic outcomes associated with integrating physical …

Dr Daniel Lord Chiropractor

Dr. Daniel Lord

Physical Medicine Program Manager at Crossover Health

What Supplement Makes the Most Sense for a DC Practice?

One Solution Would Be a Patented & Natural COX-2 Inhibitor!  Relief FIRST Musculoskeletal Injury Support Protocol As a former owner of four busy chiropractic offices that dealt exclusively with musculoskeletal injuries and a current formulator of nutritional products, I’m often asked by chiropractors what’s the best nutritional supplement to offer in their practice. My answer is if the supplement can …

Dr. Donald L. Hayes

DC and President of Wellness Watchers Global, LLC, Ceautamed Worldwide, LLC &

Why Acute Injuries Turn Chronic and What You Can Do About It!

EndFlame Musculoskeletal Injury Support Protocol If there’s one condition healthcare professionals want to master, it’s how to prevent acute musculoskeletal injuries from turning chronic. Dr. Dixit, a professor at Yale University School of Medicine who does research on musculoskeletal inflammation, states the number one cause of chronic inflammation is the incorrect treatment of acute inflammation in musculoskeletal cases. As a …

Dr. Donald L. Hayes

DC and President of Wellness Watchers Global, LLC, Ceautamed Worldwide, LLC &